derek-groenDerek Groen is currently a Ph.D. student at both the University of Amsterdam and Leiden Observatory. He obtained his MSc in Grid Computing and his BSc in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam, and his current research interests are large-scale N-body simulations, and the challenges faced when mapping these simulations to widely distributed infrastructures. His previous work includes performance analysis of a direct N-body code on a Global Grid of GRAPEs and the development of a "Living Simulation", a self-organising system which dynamically migrates between astrophysical solvers and compute resources.

Derek is currently involved in the CosmoGrid project. In CosmoGrid he works on MPWide, a socket library to facilitate message passing between supercomputers and on a special version of the GreeM TreePM integrator, which has been extended to run across three or more supercomputers. He aims to defend his PhD thesis by fall 2010.